Energy Efficiency

At Holm Oak we have been complimented for our fusion of contemporary design and traditional expertise. We work hard to build homes with expert craftsmanship combined with modern innovation in energy consumption. This is something that we feel passionately about, we are incredibly conscious of the need to conserve finite resources, and we eagerly accept the responsibility of doing so.

We are constantly looking out for ways to minimise the effect that our developments have on the environment. You can be assured that Holm Oak homes are not only fitted with higher insulation levels than the recommended minimum, but homes at The Paddock also include whole house ventilation systems with heat recovery – which ensures that these properties waste as little fuel and energy as possible.

Ever keen to keep up with developments in the world of energy conservation - we have fitted homes at the Paddock with a progressive water management system that collects rain water on the roof, then makes use of it within the home, guaranteeing that not a drop of water is wasted.


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